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Krish E-Trainings is Technology & Resource arm of its parent company, Krish Radiant Solutions Inc., a Software, Solutions & Services Integration Company, based in Novi, MI, USA. Since its inception in 2007, it has expanded in all areas of Software from Consulting, Outsourcing to providing Managed Services, Facilities Management apart from delivering Infrastructure, Network & Security IT Migration projects.


With its vast array of projects, the company initiated a E-Training module to increase the technically competent workforce by diverging into three dedicated service areas:


> Trainings

> Internships

> Placements


We at Krish E Tranings, believe that each module has its own mission, objective and purpose and will yield desired results.


Which is why our Team of Counsellors advice you as to how to proceed, which module to pursue apart from advising career options upon your academic and personal interests.


We are not just a training institute, We shape your future! Join us and Experience the Difference!



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Krish E-Trainings

Krish Our delivering and outsourcing models are not just limited to IT, but go well beyond IT to encompass business processes outsourcing, business analysis outsourcing, IT and Infra maintenance outsourcing thereby reducing your upfront costs and increasing your ROI

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